Iris Schnitzler, Inken Riede and Katja Frerk are the member of our editorial team.

The BLOG editorial team

Our editorial team is small, but great: there are only three of us.

Iris Schnitzler is a member of our editorial team

Our boss is Iris, who is a doctor of chemistry. There’s no mistaking that she’s in charge. When she’s out of hearing distance, people call her “Fräulein Rottenmeier”. She is a fan of FC Bayern, but we have to live with that.

At our creative heart is Katja, a qualified marketing specialist. She’s so full of ideas, she’s a bit like a waterfall. As a Westphalian, she is surprisingly humorous and vivacious. She is blond and pretty intelligent.

Katja Frerk is a member of the editorial team
Inken Riede is a member of our editorial team.

Inken is a real all-rounder and a self-confessed fan of the region we call the Ruhr-Pott. Finally she can indulge herself of her favorite hobbies, grammar and punctuation! In the blog she can romp around the subject matter and nobody is going to stop her.

Things couldn’t be more different—or more exciting.
Our team brainstorming sessions can be really stormy. Spirited discussions follow heated exchanges. And in the end, Iris always wins.

By the way:

In future, our through-the-skin blog will also feature postings from our Research & Development department, because this (rational) viewpoint has been in rather short supply so far.