30. May 2017

Skin in Movement – the LTS 2016 Calendar

calendar skin 2016

Skin/Haut 2016

At the end of every year, the LTS team gets together to decide what to present clients as a token of the company`s good wishes.

At LTS, everything is about skin. Therefore, our creative marketing colleagues worked with the LEHN.STEIN agency of Koblenz to create something very special for 2016, consistent with the LTS philosophy of forging new paths, continuously.

SKIN: Where the idea originated

The basic concept, a wall calendar isn’t that unusual. But, we did want to create something extraordinary: something tailored specifically to LTS. Themes and images for calendars have all been used before and repetition is boring. Therefore, LTS came up with something new and exciting.

The Fascinating Beauty of Skin

The idea was to “show some skin“, literally: in its infinite variety, variety of ages, properties, circumstances and problems.

After all, without skin – how could a transdermal patch be created: there would be no place to attach it, no conduit for Transport of substances and no effect! Recognizing this truth formed the basis for the “Skin 2016” calendar. A special highlight is the inclusion of a highly informative and interesting booklet, containing texts and photographs that were not featured on the calendar itself.

Another novelty is the fact that the LTS logo is used sparingly and is limited ot the calendar`s cover. It is our belief that this will give the viewer a greater ability to appreciate each month`s beautiful imagery.

The “Making of” Video

Together with the photo shoots for the calendar, a short film (“Skin Beauty”) was created, showing the Skin in moving images. The film focuses on details that become especially evident when the body is in motion – and you can view this film, as well. The last page of the calendar contains a QR code that links you directly to the film, using a smartphone app. Have fun watching it!

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