20. June 2017

Early Days at LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems West Caldwell

Ox Wagon in the plainsBoth LTS AG and LTS Corp. have an exciting history. Here are the memories of one long-term (and since retired) employee of LTS Corp.:

Early days

Prior to LTS moving in, the building at 21 Henderson Drive had stood empty for about 6 years. Previously, it had been occupied by a vitamin factory and when LTS first moved in, the place still smelled of vitamins. The building was in need of major renovations and upgrades to allow it to become a fully functioning facility for the production of transdermal patches and oral thin films.

The challenges

Working at 21 Henderson while it was under renovation was not all that easy, for instance:

  • Bathrooms were not yet functioning – employees had to leave the building for their bathroom breaks. They would either go to the nearby library or head to a local restaurant.
  • Garbage pickup was not available at that time. Employees took turns taking the trash home with them and disposing of it there.
  • There was no fax or copier, so employees would go to the library when those services were needed.
  • An elevator did not exist in the building and an elevator shaft needed to be constructed.
  • The traffic light on the corner of Henderson and Passaic did not exist making it very difficult to turn into and out of Henderson. LTS lobbied the township to install the traffic light that is there now.
  • The heating system did not work properly that winter and people wore gloves and coats indoors.


In 1993, the roof of 21 was removed to allow for the placement of two big coaters. Two cranes were hired to actually lift the roof off the building and ‘drop’ the machinery inside. In the spring of 1994, the building’s windows were replaced. This was accomplished with use of a machine that clamped the windows and literally ‘pulled’ them out of their surrounding construction.

 Grand Opening

Once construction was complete, 21 Henderson was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony in June 1994. Guests came from Andernach, a band was flown in from Germany, speeches were made and a garden party took place. The first product manufactured by LTS Corp. was a nicotine patch.

Image: Winterbilder – fotolia.com

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